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Where have you experienced biology today?

This course will journey through the science of life through the lens of our daily lives. This course is intended to bridge the gap between traditional biology classes and the practical biology knowledge needed in the real world. In each module, a different biological concept is examined and related to some real-world issue or experience in an effort to demonstrate why the science of life matters to your everyday experience. Content includes subjects typically covered in introductory biology classes like ecology and genetics as well as unique interdisciplinary topics such as the relationship between the arts and biology.

This course is for anyone who wishes to understand how and where to apply biology content to the real world. It would be appropriate for high school students who are homeschooling. It may also be of interest to those who need to communicate science or biology concepts to the general public in a relatable manner. Although those who love biology and biology education will enjoy this course, it is specifically designed to reach those who have had poor prior experiences with biology.

Inservice or preservice teachers, or anyone interested in applying these skills in formal or informal classroom settings can take the optional honors track. The honors track focuses on how to apply biology everywhere principles in your own classroom. Graduate credit from the University of Colorado is available for students who complete the honors track. 

Although not required, students may choose to purchase a copy of Biology Everywhere: How the science of life matters to everyday life by Dr. Melanie Peffer for additional supplemental reading while completing the course. 


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