Are we in the midst of a zombie pandemic?

What does it mean to be alive? How do I know is something is living or not? These are deceptively simple questions. Although we start learning to differentiate what is (or isn't alive) from an early age, it isn't always straightforward. Although some things like trees are clearly alive and some things like rocks are clearly not--cars are not alive and yet meet 3/5 criteria for life. Viruses, like COVID19, are even trickier to classify as living or not. So is the #COVID19 pand

Exploring the Diversity of Life in Your Immediate Environment

One of the easiest ways to engage with #biologyeverywhere is to look out your window or step outside. How many living things can you see if you look out your window right now? Can you count the number of different animals and plants that you see? Is there anything unique about the plants/animals that you see that is special to where you are in the world? For example, do you live near a body of water? Is the air salty? Is the air dry? Or wet? These non-living or abiotic factor