Give the gift of science empowerment this year!

Biology Everywhere isn’t your typical science book. And it’s definitely not a textbook. At the core, Biology Everywhere is about empowering people to engage with science by making it directly accessible and relatable to our everyday lives. Rather than a collection of facts and information about the natural world, it’s how we experience biology in our daily lives … and also how biology interfaces with other disciplines like art and business in new ways. Here’s a list of five p

Oh no, another article on the coronavirus? Here's a different take...

Like everyone else, I'm following the news on #coronavirus. Also like you, I’ve seen conflicting information about coronavirus and how worried (or not worried) we should be right now. Is it worse than the flu or not? Are people making a mountain out of a molehill? Is it going to shut my kid's school down? Should I cancel upcoming travel? Should I join the masses of people stocking up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer? Rather than join all the others out there making my opini