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Give the gift of science empowerment this year!

Biology Everywhere isn’t your typical science book. And it’s definitely not a textbook.

At the core, Biology Everywhere is about empowering people to engage with science by making it directly accessible and relatable to our everyday lives.

Rather than a collection of facts and information about the natural world, it’s how we experience biology in our daily lives … and also how biology interfaces with other disciplines like art and business in new ways.

Here’s a list of five people who would appreciate Biology Everywhere for a gift – and, when you buy from the Biology Everywhere store, you’re supporting the dreams of a mother-entrepreneur and author.

1. Science teachers

Teachers are always looking for new and exciting ways to teach their content – although Biology Everywhere is biology focused, the central message and core principles are transferable to other science disciplines.

2. Teens – and especially young women.

Research on science identity suggests that little girls start to identify less with being a science person in early adolescence. The teenage years are also a critical window for continuing to develop one’s identity. Presentations of science as hard, boring, and static don’t help either – Biology Everywhere turns the standard presentation of science on its head – and can be a refreshing look at science and biology, especially for teens trying to figure out if they are a science person. Young women will especially appreciate hearing about the journey of a successful female scientist. As a bonus, the author will personalize for you for free!

3. Your friend (or book club) that hates science.

One of the inspirations for Biology Everywhere was the sheer volume of people the author interacted with you said they hated science, that they weren’t smart enough to do science, or that they were afraid to engage with science. Biology Everywhere takes the approach the author does in the classroom to change those attitudes.

4. Your friend (or book club) that loves science.

Biology Everywhere is a fantastic gift for the science lover. Rather than an exhaustive description of a single science discovery, or a treatise on a new technology and the ethics around it, this is the science of life told through the lens of our daily experiences. It’s an accessible easy read that science lovers are sure to enjoy.

5. The person (or book club) that wants to understand the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although Biology Everywhere was completed prior to the pandemic, the chapters on how science works in the real world, and business of biology chapter (which describes how clinical trials and human subjects research works), and the science of misinformation are directly relevant to the pandemic.

Think someone else needs to be added to the list? Comment below with someone who you think would love Biology Everywhere as a gift.

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