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Interaction of Society and the Environment Seminar Series

Here is a recording of my webinar, Biology Everywhere: How people Learn, Understand, and Engage with the Science of Life, that I gave as part of the Interaction of Society and the Environment Seminar Series on 4/24/2020.

Abstract:Many people feel that they cannot engage with scientific concepts. However, a working knowledge of biology is increasingly critical as we grapple with big questions regarding topics such as ethics and regulation of genetic technology, conservation, and health. Biology Everywhere: How the Science of Life Matters to Everyday Life bridges the gap between the biology classroom and practical application of biological concepts to daily life. In this seminar Dr. Peffer will discuss the Biology Everywhere philosophy on teaching biology in an application-based and interdisciplinary manner to empower the general public to engage with science and biology. She will explore some unique interdisciplinary topics, such as the relationship between arts and biology and the psychology of using biological evidence to make decisions. She will close with a discussion of best practices for communicating with the public and across disciplinary boundaries with other scientists.

Happy to share a PDF version of the slides--please reach out via e-mail.


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