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Searchers Celebrate Earth Day Video

This is a recording of the Searchers class from 4/19/2020. We had over 40 people in attendance and discussed the chances we have each day to make green choices and some of the pros and cons of "green" choices. Enjoy!

Also, regarding resources mentioned in the video/during class:

1. Curbside composting in Northern Colorado is available through Common Good Composting 970-308-7508. If you list me as a referral, I get $1 off per month (and if you refer anyone, you also get $1off per month per referral too!)

2. Worm bin workshop with the Larimer County Garbage Garage Education Center. 970-498-5772

3. Recycled kid's toys from Green Toys and Replay. Both Green Toys and Replay products are available at the Clothes Pony in Fort Collins. They are also offering free personal shopping and delivery due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. The plastic bags video is available here.

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