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Why Biology Everywhere?

I love science and biology. I always have. It's been an interest of mine for a long time.

A sobering realization that I've made over my career is that not many people share that love. Too many people I've chatted with have expressed disinterest, dissatisfaction, and lack of confidence to engage with science. Science is just a collection of facts about the world that require memorization in order to earn necessary credits for graduation.

One of the many problems of presenting science as a collection of facts, is that is sends the wrong idea about what science really is (and isn't). It sends the wrong message about science, which leads to developing inaccurate beliefs about what science is and how it works, which then can fuel science illiteracy.

So science is presented as an inaccessible and abstract collection of facts. To make matters worse, there is an anti-science mindset we see in culture (how many movies, TV shows, or books can you name that cast a scientist as the bad guy?) it also isn't surprising how many people feel like they can't engage with science, or don't want to because of the negative ideas.

My goal with writing Biology Everywhere is to help change the negative ways people view science, and in particular biology. Rather than present biology as a collection of facts, the science of life is instead presented as it relates to and is applicable to our daily experience. I want the reader to feel empowered to engage with biology content and see the personal relevance. I'm sure people who already enjoy science and biology will also like reading Biology Everywhere, but I'm specifically hoping to reach those who feel burned out from biology, but are willing to give in another try. Where have you experienced biology today? It may surprise you!

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