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Where have you experienced biology today?


Kitchen Biology - Anti-oxidant rich foods like blueberries protect your DNA and can help prevent cancer


Biology in the backyard - what are these objects?

Biology of music - why listening to or playing music feels good


Grocery store biology - learning about plants and animals while taking care of a household chore

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How rethinking biology can positively change your life (TEDxCU 2021)

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About Biology Everywhere

After years of teaching and interacting with friends, family and colleagues who expressed  some variation of "I'm not smart enough to do science"  Dr. Peffer decided to re-think her approach to communicating science with others.

Working with non-science majors introductory biology classes, she began to teach specifically though lens of how we encounter biology as part of our daily experience and also how biology interfaces with other disciplines. Using this approach,  Dr. Peffer's students went from "I'm not good at science" at the beginning of the semester, to "this was my first positive experience in a science course" at the end of the semester. 

That approach led to Biology Everywhere

Biology Everywhere takes the reader on a journey through the science of life as told through our daily experiences (ranging from why bacon changes color when cooked to seashells) and how biology intersects with other disciplines, like music, psychology, and business. 

Pulling from Dr. Peffer's research on how people learn and understand biology and her extensive teaching experience, Biology Everywhere takes an evidence-based, accessible, and practical approach to introducing the reader to the biology all around us. 

Where have you experienced biology today? Dive in and take a look - what you find may surprise you!

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Biology Everywhere takes a unique approach to connecting biology content with common experiences most people will likely share. The content is easy to understand and takes the reader on a fascinating personal journey into the sometimes unexpected ways we interact with biology on a daily basis

Dr. Kristy Daniel, Associate Professor, Department of Biology Texas State University

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