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Speaking & Writing 

Melanie is available to speak on topics from Biology Everywhere, applying the Biology Everywhere Philosophy to teaching and outreach efforts, her STEM career journey, writing for the general public, science communication, strategies for interdisciplinary collaboration, educational technology, and more!

Select recordings of previous presentations are available on the Biology Everywhere Blog

She is also available on an hourly basis to write Biology Everywhere themed content for newsletters, courses, or outreach activities. 

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Speaking: About Us

Speaking Engagement Testimonials

Dr. Peffer was a speaker for my Alternative Careers to Academia class/seminar series. She came in to talk about her career, new book, Biology Everywhere:How the science of life matters to everyday life, and give advice to the students on how to write a book as either a way to advance or pivot one's career in a new direction.  Since we were meeting online due to the COVID pandemic, despite the difficulties with social connection over Zoom, her talk was interesting, engaging, and thought provoking for students. The connection she built with the audience felt more like a face-to-face environment. She is a clear and articulate speaker, and students appreciated her openness, wealth of knowledge and sage advice. Many students stayed after class to continue asking questions and express gratitude to Dr. Peffer for the informative and provocative talk. Thank you for supporting our students!

– Dr. Linda Watkins, University of Colorado Boulder

Another Pastor and I hosted an event in a brewery in which we requested that Dr. Peffer facilitate a conversation around Science and Religion. Not only was she a fabulous presenter who offered a well structured discussion, but she was able to listen to, and respond to a diverse group of beliefs  with honest sincerity.  She is passionate about biology, and her excitement to share science outside of academia, in a public gathering was well received by all who attended.

– Rev. Jeremiah Harris, First United Methodist Church Loveland

Speaking: Testimonials

Content Development Testimonials

Your video on plastic bags and conservation was so excellent! I want to see more and more. Congrats, Melanie!

-Dr. Carol Gilmour, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

I enjoyed your blog post on panic buying and Hardin's Tragedy of the Commons, write more, I really enjoyed it!

-Michael Nicodemus - Member of Biology Everywhere Community

Speaking: Testimonials
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