One barrier to science literacy in the United States is the lack of accessible science information from scientists. Some have called for scientists to engage more with the general public through the popular press. 

Melanie has an extensive background translating information across disciplinary boundaries amongst scientists and also to the general public. 

Melanie is launching a FREE course in science communication in February 2021 and offers individual coaching and professional development workshops for all experience levels, with science communication modalities including written, oral, technological and artistic science communication, communicating across disciplinary boundaries, how to avoid unintentional messaging when talking the the general public, and evidence-based approaches to science outreach. 

Please email her at melaniepefferphd (at) for details on pricing and options.  

Click here to read Melanie's five-part series on tips for academics who wish to write for the general public. 



THANK YOU!! I have toyed with the idea of writing a monograph (even though I don't fully understand what this is, but it sounds academic enough 😃), but reading your article on tips for writing a book to pivot out of academia has made me change angles about WHO to write for. Will also be following closely for the other parts. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

– Zibah Ada